Evening Prayers

***Evening Prayers***
“Brightly veiled Hestia,
Celestial tender of the sacred fire,
Holy Hestia. The first and the last.
May you protect this house and all within.”
“Hail to thee!
Starry robbed empress of the primordial darkness that existed before chaos…
Holiness is yours–
Unconquerable dame,
Enfold this house in your benevolent embrace,
Shielding us from harm,
Protecting us while we sleep.
I honor you and beseech your blessings!
May you accept these rites and offerings.”
(New/Waxing crescent)
“Hail, sweet goddess,
Selene, come!
With your silver-sweet nectar
Bless our endeavors.
Kind hearted Goddess, beloved of Pan..
Ever-changing one….
As you wax and wane–
Do farmers plant their fields,
and women count their months.
Fairest Selene, Shining maiden in the darkness, I call to you!
May these rites and offerings please you, and may you find sincerity in my prayer.I honour you and beseech your blessings!”
(Waxing Crescent)
“Hail Artemis!
Lover of the hunt,
Of mountains and forests.
Mistress of animals,
It is said, that your aim is truer than Apollos…
I ask that you guide and protect my children
Protect those women and children suffering from abuse or neglect
Please accept these rites and offerings.
Artemis, I honour you and beseech your blessings!”
(Nighttime prayer/Deipnon)
“Three Faced and Three formed Hekate, Come to me, my Beloved Mistress
Graciously hear my prayer…
Image of Night, Youthful One, Dawn-born Light bringer and guide to all!
You dance with the triple forms of the triple Graces
As You revel with the stars.
You are Justice and the Thread of Fate.
Much adored empress, walker between worlds
Hekate! Defender of the weak
Hekate! IO!
You know of all the things that we fear the most,
You know what is best at casting away any ill.
I ask your blessing, dear Goddess, preserve my home
and my family from evil, guard us well
against all that would do us harm.
Goddess, hold back the dangers of the dark,
grant me wisdom and courage
–That I may face my fears with eyes unclouded.
Beloved Goddess, may you accept my rites and offerings.”
(Full Moon)
“Hail Rhea!
Passionate and primordial mountain mother!
Mistress of animals
Goddess of women, children, and fertility
Lover of cymbals, drums, and cestrum’s!
Holy Mother of 1000 names…
Protect us as a lioness protects her young.
Accept these rites and offerings.
Mother Rhea, I honour and beseech your blessings.”
(Full Moon)
“Holy and most honoured Demeter,
Mother of Persephone,
Goddess of the cultivated field,
Mistress of bounty,
Emerald eyed Goddess,
Mourning mother,
Joyful provider,
Fickle as the seasons…
Mighty and most powerful one!
I humbly honour and beseech you for your many blessings.
May you accept my rites and offerings.”
(As Queen-Full Moon)
“Hail to you,
Persephone of the softened steps,
And sweet smelling locks.
Veiled Matron of the realm of Hades.
I honour you.
Sweet benefactor and comforter of the weak and afraid,
Merciless judge to the unrighteous and wicked.
You are the life among the dead!
Daughter of earth and sea
First mother of my Ivy Lord, Dionysus…
May you accept my rites and offerings. May they please you”
[Pour libation]
***Simple Devotional to Dionysus***
“Hail to the Ivy Lord!
Nature’s king!
Hail to the thrice-borne Savior!
IO! Protogenos, Zagreus, Bacchus-Dionysus
Wanderer of Field and forest.
Most Holy Lord of miracles untold and unconceived!
Your touch insights frenzy and prophecy,
You smell of sweetened earth,
You descend like a bull–
Rapturing the worthy in divine ecstasy.
You are invasive like the Vine…
Sacred serpent of earth and resurrection,
Divine child of Persephone and Semele.
Heir to the throne of your fathers,
Hail many layered, paradoxal One!
Mighty and most beloved,
May I dedicate my service to you,
To be divided like the sun and the moon.
Hera under the light of Helios
And you, my Lord…
By the gentle glow of Selene’s repose.
Breaker of chains.
May I know and keep the sacred oaths,
May I do best to avoid any taboos…
May I be fearless.
May I be Purified.
May I come to Understand.
May I come to be Initiated.
Accept these rites and offerings Lord,
May they please you.”
[Pour libation, give offering ect…]
“Hail Hermes! The guide between realms, much beloved and multifaceted Lord…
Hail Morpheus and Hypnos! Lords of sleep and dreams…
Bless me and my family with a good nights sleep!
Protect us from nightmares and the evils who lurk in the shadows.
Please accept these rites and offerings.”

Morning Prayers

Morning prayers
“Hestia, ancient one,
First and most necessary one,
Guardian of the Home,
Bringer of light and warmth,
Dweller in the sacred flame.
Pure one, gentle one…
You who dwells at the center of all things…
Sweet and peaceful benefactor, I honor you and beseech your blessings!
Accept these rites and offerings, Holiest of Heaven’s maidens.
May your presence be ever felt.”
“Hail to you, beloved lord!
Apollo! Io!
Holy purifier!
Beloved son of Heaven’s King!
The shot that never misses its target…
Bringer of light and illumination…
Beautiful lord, I honor you and beseech your blessings!
Please, accept these rites and offerings, as you will it Lord,
May your blessings be felt.”
“Hear me! My Beloved One!
All seeing, primordial Lord and King…
Granter of vision and guardian of oaths
Provider of the sacred light.
Farseeing and ever watchful one…
Father of Circe..
May these rites and offerings please you.
May you deliver us from illness and the wickedness of the corrupt.
Great Provider of the many gifts,
Helios! I honor and beseech your blessings!
May your blessings never be ignored or misused.
Bless and protect us, by your sacred names, Helios be with us now, may you send forth your blessings…”
“(And) Greetings to you,
Saffron robed Eos of the blushing smile.
Gentle and fleeting you are.
Yet, all of heaven and earth awes at the beauty of your presence,
And thus, your majesty.
Dear Goddess, I pray you accept these rites and offerings.
Eos, the sweetest of light is yours…I honour and beseech your blessings,
May they be ever felt.”
“Great earth mother,
From the formless darkness you arose.
Mother Gaia…
Creation is yours.
Destruction is yours.
Rebirth is yours.
You are Mighty as you are kind.
You are loving as you are just,
For you keep the sacred balance…
You are the sacred ground in which we tread and plant our crops.
You are the divine mother of ages
You are the provider and sustainer of all!
Holy mother of Gods and Daemons,
May you accept my rites and offerings
Great Mother!
For the sweetest of blessings are ever yours….”
“Hermes, Blessed Lord…
Herald of Souls
Divine Angelos…
May the beauty of your light shine bright
–Guiding me safely throughout my travels.
May you lend me your sturdy arm, and even gaze, to defend me in the troublesome paths that I may walk.
May your laughter-Inspiring cunning, lift my spirits
May your grace steady my words,
And may your foresight keep me cautious…
Hail Hermes!
Mischievous son of Maia and Zeus
Holy benefactor and trusted guide and guardian,
May you be ever at my side
As a lover to his bride…
May these rites and offerings please you
Dearest Lord,
Walker between Worlds,
Lover of nymphs and knower of Mysteries…
Bless this home and our hearts with prosperity and piety…
May I be blessed by your Aiding Light….
And may your blessings be ever felt.”

[Pour Libation and offer any other offering you wish.]

***Simple Hera Devotional***
“Hail! Beloved Queen!
Hera! IO!
Hail to the Mighty, majestic, and radiant Hera!
You stand in the heavens like the sun and the moon,
Your wonders and trials are known both above and below,
You are the maker of Heroes
All-seeing Queen!
You are Fidelity and Loyalty.
You are Soul felt connection.
You are the Minister of the sacred oath between betrothed.
You are the sanctity of the marriage vow.
Matchmaker and invoker of a love to last…
You are the strength and benefactor of the Wife and the Mother.
You are the Divine Matriarch
Of Heaven and in my house!
Holy Matron, may I serve you by the light of Helios…
May I know and keep the sacred oaths,
May I do best to avoid any taboos asked of me…
Unto my family, community, myself, and the gods.
May I be Pure.
May I be Wise.
May my Piety be Strong.
May my spirit be Noble.
Blessed Hera, daughter of Rhea,
Accept these rites and offerings.
May they please you, and may your blessings and lessons be ever known, and ever felt.”

Daily Devotions/Outline

My Morning and Evening Devotions/Outline
*Wash hands and face. Make sure you are physically clean. Shower if necessary. Make Khernips. Fumigation of purifying herbs may also be beneficial.
*Ring bell (some may choose to continuously ring the bell, especially during the offerings and libations. However, it should be noted that “The Ringing of the Bell” isn’t considered “Traditional Hellenismos”, so keep that in mind.)
*Light the Sacred Flame…
*Hymn to Hestia
*Light incense from the flame of the candle/lamp
*Hymn to Apollo
*Hymn to Helios
*Hymn to Eos
*Hymn to Gaia
***Pour Libation
***Devotional unto Hera*** (Or your personal Patron)
*Pour libation
*Add another incense. Lit by the flame of Hestia OR by the flame represented by your Patron.
*Make personal supplications and thanksgivings.
*Extinguish lamp or candle, let it burn itself out, or continue the flame until the evening. (However, for safety reasons I must stress the importance of fire safety! Never leave a flame unattended or
*Like always, one must be clean and properly purified.
*Light lamp/candle (if not already lit) and ring the Bell, just like with morning prayers…
*Hymn to Hestia
*Light incense from Hestia’s flame.
*Hymn to Nyx
*Hymn to Selene and Artemis on the newest waxing crescent; Hymn to Hekate on the Deipnon; Hymn to Rhea, Demeter and Persephone on the full moon.
***Pour libation
***Devotional unto Dionysus***
*Pour libation
*Make personal supplications and thanksgivings and other offerings and prayers you see fit.
*Extinguish lamp or candle